Albums collecting dust

I have a bunch of old albums, like Tsuuzetsu, aobaon, akaban, Antique, Hōmura Uta and I think a few more in my storage. Also a bit of cali gari, inugami circus dan, guruguru eigakan from the same age. Is there any interrest in these albums?


List them out with your prices and we’ll see.

I might be interested in that cali-gari or Guruguru stuff, depending on what they are and where you’re shipping from. :eyes:

Mod note: Try and list the album titles and prices in your post as well! Please tell us where you’re shipping from. This will probably easily attract some buyers. It also helps to know if the prices are flexible or set in stone, or what condition the albums are in. If you don’t get any offers, then the Facebook marketplace, eBay or Discogs will also work. Thanks!

Saikou note: Which Guru Guru albums you talkin’ about? :eyes: I might be interested in buying :sunglasses: