Aliene Ma'riage Vo.狂華 (Kyouka) will retire

After 25 years, Aliene Ma’riage/Insanity Injection vocalist Kyouka has announced that he will be retiring from music. First announced on a radio broadcast featuring the iconic 90s band, Kyouka posted a clip on his Instagram, where he revealed he has reached his limit as he has began to lose his voice. An exclusive post regarding the retirement will be available on Kyouka’s personal Instagram account later on.

Aliene Ma’riage will revive for two last shows, one at Nagoya MUSIC FARM on March 20th and then at Ikebukuro EDGE on March 27th, 2021.


So sad :frowning: but has to come some time soon I suppose.

His IG will still be worth the follow even just for the hobbyist and photography content


I already got my thoughts out on

Kyouka has a special place in my heart ever since he complimented my Japanese when I talked to him on IG one time, and he’d always respond happily to fan posts that promoted/complimented Insanity Injection. I’m sad to hear this considering that I adored his continued work in Insanity Injection but it’s inevitable when you use your voice as he did for years on end. Aliene Ma’riage, Delfina Ma’riage, and Insanity Injection were amazing projects. Thank you for your hard work, Kyouka. I’ll always remember you as a great artist.

But yeah, I’m gonna miss that man’s voice and art. I’m happy to see him retiring with grace and dignity, though.


Only makes sense that his throat can no longer sustain those banshee wails. Sucks to hear as he was one of my favorite extreme vocalists.


His vocal chords deserve to retire, legend.

Sad to hear that I really like his vocals :frowning: I remember how cool it was when we replied on Twitter but yeah a much deserved retirement!


I will not only miss his whistle tone,
but also miss his world-views in what he creates!
He deserve a well retirement!

can we get insanity injection reunited with Chaos now

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in all seriousness, hope this dude is doing what he loves (spamming pics on instagram).


The other day I was just hoping Insanity Injection was going to put out something new pretty soon since it had been so long since their last release, oh well. I thought this news would hit me harder but maybe since I really got into VK after their latest release was already out and therefore never saw them release anything it already felt to me like they weren’t an active band, or maybe I’m still too disappointed about Nazare that most other disbandments won’t have an effect on me.