AMBEEK distributing digital releases!

AMBEEK will be distribute their releases (also previous releases) for digital purchase and streaming!

You can purchase and stream their 1st mini-album Re:CALL.
Their 1st single カレナコトハ will be available on 2021.02.08!
As for the other digital releases アスエミ & アオハル has already been distributed!

In case you don’t know who they are, the bandmembers are:

Vo: KEKE (Medi@lize → 【TRiANGLE▼SONiX】 → NOW)
Gt: Takuma (【1≠password】 → 4tune_UNIT → Emu. →buccal cone → NOW)
Gt: Tsukasa (bis → RHYOLITE → World Wrap Word → HOSHInoHOUSE)
Ba: Ginya (Ends∞Infinity → DISQLOC.)
Dr: MINAMI (MASK → RAP (support) → メロ (support) → HeaRt (support) → MASQUERADE (support) → RHYOLITE)