Analog Lords

Good pickup! Old Iam8bit stuff sells for a mint these days. I remember when this was readily available on their site back in like 2014. Crazy what 8 years can do to prices

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I ordered these a while ago and they finally came! These are the Atomic Fire 2022 repressings of Koloss and Nothing by Meshuggah. Nothing is the original mix with the 7-strings. Only 500 of each :slight_smile:

Might have one more coming soon.


Side Two was the picture disc all along. RIP.

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Forgot to post this one when I got it but the hat trick was indeed completed! Curren$y & The Alchemist’s “Continuance” on white wax.

254/300 :slight_smile: One of the last ones off the assembly line!

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Ooo, RIP indeed. How’s the noise floor? I have a few pic discs and, honestly, they’re not too bad. It seems they’ve gotten better over the yeara

I’m afraid to spin side B actually. Side A sounds pretty good though. I’ll have to gather the courage to try it at least once.

Wait, that’s so weird. Only Side-B is a pic disc? Wouldn’t the whole thing have to be a pic disc?

Technically, a pic disc should be two clear laminate pieces (where the grooves are pressed) on top of a vinyl puck with the designs.

If side-A sounds fine, side-B should theoreticaly have the same sound quality

I ordered this on Saturday and it’s already here from Japan!

And @ghost I owe you a closer inspection of my Fushigi picture disc. I’ll return after I have a moment to give it another spin


I got a lil sum’n spicy coming too!

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Alright my spectral friend, I finally had some time to really sit down and look closely at the record (and listen to it too, of course!).

And I can confirm the picture is only on side B. Side A looks like a bog standard black disc. Nothing out of the ordinary about it. And your hunch was correct—side B sounds fantastic. You would have no idea it’s a picture disc just looking at it.
As to how they did this, it’s a Fushigi to me!

For reference, this is L-12595.


That’s so interesting! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that. Theoretically, it’s possible but I’ve just only seen 2-sided pic discs.

I guess there are records with one side music, and the other side blank or with a etched design, so maybe I shouldn’t be that surprised.

And great to hear the pic disc side sounds good especially considering this was released in the mid-80’s. Thanks for sharing!

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You’re welcome! I’d like to see more 80s picture discs now because my sample size is very small. This is the only one-sided example I’ve found, but I’ve seen several where the picture disc is a separate disc with nothing on it.

Pretty cool that they were doing it this “early” on, but then again the medium and technology is over 100 years old.


Oh wow, don’t think I’ve heard of a blank pic disc either.

I got curious and did some quick googling. Apparently, pic discs started around the 1920’s or so. So, yeah literally like a hundred ago!

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Parasite Eve bootleg. One of the most Playstation sounding soundtracks of all time in my book.


I don’t even have nostalgia for that game and I want it! Excellent pick-up!

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Pony Canyon colored reissues I picked up last year. Top to bottom:

Bonnie Pink - Blue Jam
Bonnie Pink - Heaven’s Kitchen
Bonnie Pink - Evil and Flowers
Elephant Kashimashi - Kokoro no hana wo

Highly recommend Kokoro no hana wo. Very fun rock n roll / pop album.


I haven’t made any updates in a while because the orders just keep coming.

Spiritbox - Rotoscope 10"

Onmyo-za - Kalavinka

Resident Evil 1 Deluxe Box Set

Action Bronson - Cocodrillo Turbo (the parental advisory sticker for this is upside down)

Car Bomb - Meta

As Everything Unfolds - Within Each Lies The Other (this one’s limited to 100)

Meechy Darko - Gothic Luxury

Literally just came in the mail now

Entheos - Time Will Take Us All


Kind of hard to capture in a picture, but the labels on this 7” are injection molded.

By the way, anyone here collect 7”s too? How do you store them? I’ve got this little box for mine but it’s getting crowded.