Anime Trash-Talk Thread

Cuz I loved this thread on MH, I figured I’d bring it on over here to JRO!

Feel free to mention any anime you feel you wasted your life watching, need to voice your hate on, or just can’t understand the hype for. USE CAPS LOCK, MAKE FUNNY COMMENTS, OR POST MEMES, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT! I know many of us have sat through some shitty anime lol.

Just remember though, the comments in this thread are simply opinions.
If ya can’t keep the rage or those tears back, then this thread is not for you.


Kimetsu no Yaiba/Demon Slayer…

I understand why people like it and sometimes I think I’m too critical but aside from the stellar animation, it’s just so plain, awful pacing, characters are really one note with half-assed development. Maybe I’m salty because it’s doing so well? but come on…how has it outsold spirited away!?


It has to be.


I still have no idea why people like Bleach so much. I watched three episodes and was bored out of my mind.

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The character designs and art basically. And a lot of that appeal is lost in translation of Pierrot’s sweatshot animation.
Kubo should have stuck to drawing hired a writer.

It was everywhere back in the day and kinda hard to avoid in imageboard culture. I have a semi-pathetic nostalgia for middling, formerly-popular-but-not-really-anymore 2000s anime (Azumanga Daioh, Mahoromatic, etc), so naturally for me Bleach brings back lots of memories. But it’s not very good and it eventually gets completely awful.

The Ichigo vs Byakuya fight really killed the immersion for me, they hyped up Byakuya as one of the strongest ever and Ichigo beat him after 6 months of training?

The actual production seems like a really sad story, wasn’t there a lot of meddling on the editorial/publishing side and Kubo lost a lot of passion?

Judging Bleach from just 3 episodes is the same as judging Naruto from first 3 eps. Iirc I started liking Bleach only after 40+ episodes in and only around 200th episode it became really good. And the filler arcs there were godawful, few people could endure them. As was already mentioned, the art there is very appealing: outfits, different transformation forms were remarkable. The plot, sadly, was its weakest point, you could immediately guess which characters gonna pair in fight/who’s going to lose/who will avenge the loser etc. Main characters were mostly annoying tbh, I always ended up liking some of the bad guys. Also after Aizen arc it became a boredom festival, there was barely anything interesting in the following arcs. And the abrupt ending (because of low ratings probably?) made those last few (rushed) chapters truly cringeworthy. I’m dreading the upcoming anime adaptation of the last arc.

Lol, I really enjoyed the first 3 episodes of Naruto though? The thing that gets me about Bleach is that I’m a sucker for shounen anime in general, and I love so many similar series (D. Gray-man, Yu Yu Hakusho, Inuyasha, etc.), but Bleach feels so devoid of personality to me. Like, the character designs do look cool when I see still shots of them, which is why I keep trying to like it, but the show just doesn’t stand out to me otherwise.

Like, I’ve made two attempts to watch it, and I can’t remember a single thing about the main character from either attempt. All I remember is the girl with the black hair being all like “Oh no, guess you’ve got my powers now” and showing up at his high school and the girl with the orange hair’s brother turning into a monster that looked like the centipede from Inuyasha or something.

Bleach is really getting interesting when the events shift to Soul society. The traitor arc is really really good. After that a filler arc is killing the mood. But the Aranquar-arc coming next is also nice.
So if you want give it another chance as the real world episodes are not giving you the real picture of Bleach. :slight_smile: But yeah if it is not clicking with you it is at is. ^^

For me Black Clover is overhyped. I give it a chance with watching the first 50 episodes but I‘m really not getting into it. The plot is all over the place and the characters as cliche as possible. Is it getting any better?

I’d recommend skipping like first 100+ episodes and start from the Hueco Mundo arc but then you would miss a lot of character introductions and developments so I doubt that would work. You can also keep struggling till like 30+ when there would be at least some glimpse of the real Bleach. If you still wouldn’t like that, then it’s probably not your cup of tea.

I heard there’s a place where I can post Anime memes? :eyes: been obsessed with Jujutsu Kaisen lately so those of you who like it should check out this artist who makes such funny “behind the scenes” moments about them :joy:


Probably an unpopular opinion but I had to force myself to finish Death Note. The set up was ok but halfway(ish?) through (no spoilers, but after that thing happened) I just went “??? THE FUCK IS THE POINT THEN?!” and spent the rest of the series bored out of my mind. :woman_shrugging:

You’re not alone lol, a lot of fans were extremely disappointed after the half way point but I’d recommend watching the live action movies, the actors play the characters really well and it has the most satisfying conclusion out of the anime and the manga.


So I’ve been seeing manga readers of AOT whining all over the internet because the latest episode was apparently ‘too static’ and had barely any animation (keeping in mind the entire episode was basically a really tense conversation lol). You’re complaining about static animation and yet I see some of you willingly watch Black Clover on the side? :eyes: I’ve never seen anything flatter than black clover, if it was a fanimation, sure, great work. But a whole ass established studio putting out something like that? It has no impact, pizzaz, gas, whatever you wanna call it. Actually, it seemed to be way more exciting back when the protagonist screamed like a F1 car every other sentence. (srsly tho, I discovered Moreoleona and thought she was super waifu material, then went to see a compilation of her fights on youtube and I could not be more underwhelmed)

It just goes to show how the AOT ‘fandom’ has quickly become one of the worst group of people in the anime-sphere… Anyway, back to HxH

Don’t forget the meme-worthy rant by over using the “wrong” music track on the Attack-Titan scene in the last episode. :sweat_smile: How can people be so salty about a fricking Anime?
I am a AOT manga reader, too and I was completely hyped the whole episode.

tl;dr Black clover:

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I didn’t even think about the music until I saw crybabies putting You See Big Girl over the scene, which is such an epic track but makes no sense in that context. The hype music, action animation and everything else will come in the next episode. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Basically if you check the forums on MAL people are like ‘it was NOT like a imagined when I read the manga’ as if anyone gives a shit unless you’re the one paying the studio to make the adaptation

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Yeah my sense of life at the moment is basically to read through the MAL AOT threads while thinking that my life is not as bad as I thougt as I don’t have such problems. :joy:
The fandom even harassed the director of episode 5 because of the music selection. What is going wrong with the people?

I saw, didn’t he have to deactivate his account on twitter? :frowning: People are just sick in the head and have way too much free time.

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I’m super hyped for the new (final) season for Bleach.

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