Annabyss Coast new demo album "regret" release

Annabyss Coast new unfinished demo album “regret” will be released at the end of November.
Remastered edition of the demo sound source collection that was distributed free of charge in 2014.


01.alter garden (instrunmental)
02.輪転(prototype ver.) [additional track]
03.懺咲-zanzaku- (demo)
04.alice in throny maze (demo)
05.satanism (instrumental)
06.バフォメット (demo)
07.Corpse blind (demo)
08.紙風船 (demo)
09.uneasiness (instrumental)
10.咎送り-ritual to bury mourning- (demo)
11.ordinary (demo)
12.tonight good night (demo) birdcage (instrumental)
14.閃光のヴァージ (demo)
15.マリンブルー (demo)
16.グライド (demo)
17.Ⅻ (demo)
18.daemon’s pulse (instrumental)
19.奈落の鵬 (demo)
20.水の中で見つめる夢 (8bit arrange ver.)
21.float〜葬送の鎮魂歌〜(demo) [bonus track]
22.太陽の祈り子(2022 rerecording) [bonus track]


I thought they reformed but fucc it I’ll take this!

O-o this band was on my list of bands to check out. Nice to see this here

Holy moly, now this is news! :astonished:

I’ve all but forgotten about these guys, great to see them dusting off the past.

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Right, what news out of nowhere !! I’m suddenly excited for this :slight_smile: