ANSIFLE 3-month consecutive digital singles release campaign

ANSIFLE will release a new song for 3 consecutive months; their first digital single, “+NEO WORLD” will be released on 1/21.

2nd single, “HOWLING” has been released on 2/26. A special comment video will be given to those who tweet out a screenshot of them playing the song, with the hashtag “#ANSIFLEはいいぞ” from 2/26 ~ 3/26.

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3rd digital single 「FOLLOW ME」has been released on 3/26.

If you use the tag: #ANSIFLEはいいぞ and if you share a sceenshot of listening to the single you will receive a fun video to watch into your twitter DM inbox. (be sure to be able to receive DM’s)