Anyone here into otome games or visual novels?

just curious. i’ve been playing otome games for awhile and recently started amnesia for the first time, even though i’ve known about it for awhile.


Yep, love these been trying to get into them more but here in the USA we hardly get much variety with English translations. Not to mention I like to play smartphone game downloads that I can buy from the Google Play store so if we get any here in the USA it is usually on physical format.

Amnesia: Memories I saw the anime for that one and happened to get the game via the Google Play store. It’s great what little I played. Problem is I haven’t been able to find the time to play it all.

I really want to see Amnesia: Later x Crowd come to the Google Play store. Perhaps in time.

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I enjoyed playing Obey Me! a lot, if that counts. Unfortunately, I don’t have space for it on my phone, so I had to play it on my laptop using like an emulator and there’s a bug where it won’t let me activate ones guy’s attack during the battles sometimes, so I have to restart it a lot whenever I want to play, which gets annoying.

It’s one of the more fun otome/dating sim-ish games I’ve played though - I really like the way they integrated the “social media updates” and “phonecalls” from the guys and the little side stories you can unlock from the rarer cards, etc. It’s kind of refreshing that it has a rather lighthearted tone as well.

On the VN side, I played Your Turn To Die recently. I heard about it because my favourite vtuber is doing a playthrough of it, but he’s doing it in short instalments like one day a week, and I’m a sucker for the suspense of death game stuff, so I just went and played the rest myself after the first video. It’s basically like bootleg Danganronpa x Zero Escape, so I got really into it and finished up to the latest chapter in like 2 days. :sweat_smile:

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tbh I tried really hard to get into them at some point in my life but no more than a couple managed to entertain me, Tokimeki Memorial Girls’ Side and Mystic Messenger being some of them. lol I purchased Amnesia for the sake of it but have yet to play more than 30 minutes.
For ADV style games I tend to prefer the ones like Ace Attorney which is visual novel-like in a way, but more interactive.


Fuck yeah, most recent was ‘‘our story’’ fitgirls got it but doki doki will forever be my favorite.
You and me and her was a mistake that will never be rectified.

Games are boring nowadays.

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vns are kinda like an acquired taste imo. a lot of people find them boring. although, if you wanna try i’d say get into amnesia, it’s really good and not your ordinary “romance” dating sim, if anything i’d say it’s far from that. although considered an otome game it hardly feels that way lol. i just finished amnesia memories, so now i’m onto the next two games :face_in_clouds:

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is yttd worth getting into ? i’ve known of it for awhile but never got around to it.

I liked it a lot. If you like suspenseful visual novels/death games and you don’t mind the graphics not being very pretty, I’d give it a try. The only thing is, I think it’s still unfinished (?), so you can play up till the latest chapter but after that you’ll have to wait for more updates to find out how it ends.

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