Apparently, there's no Heaven for a J-rock Admin

Hi, I literally just started listening to J-rock last week. So far i’m liking Der en Gray and The Gazzet. “Toxic” is hands down the best J-rock album out there, and if not that, it’s at least the most creative and forward-thinking rock album I’ve ever heard. I wanted to like lynch too, but their name is problematic and insensitive (please help me tweet #CancelLynch2021). Some of these Visual Key singers have really deep voices for women, but hey, who am I to judge. :man_shrugging:t6: I’m mostly into KPOP.

I’d tell you my pronouns, but you should care enough to ask.


Jesus @CAT5! I started reading the post going “who the …” then realized WHO was posting. Welcome back!

Welcome back Cats! What else can I say other than this forum’s been a little too empty without you :heart:

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Welcome back!

Ban for listening J-Rock for first time

Welcome back @CAT5! You’re a great addition to this community. Hope you enjoy our new place. :sunglasses:


Toxic is unironically a good album.

Welcome back CAT5! :smiley_cat:

Hey, Cat! It’s great to see you here~ Welcome back!

I knew that chaotic vibe from a mile away :eyes:

For a moment you got me scared lol

Wait, which are your pronouns :eyes:???

welcome back king :crown:

#CancelLynch2021 #WeedIsBad

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Welcome Back @CAT5 ! :heart: :kissing_heart:

Lovely to see you again! blessed post <3

Welcome back

Ayyyyyyy I know you.

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Oh shit, their excellency has returned.

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Sir, you are a menace! :joy: