apples VS oranges デスマッチ!!

I’m holding my fingers crossed that micro head phones won’t change their mind to reform again sometime in 2022, but we’re at one flop band kaisan away from having all PIERROT members available for new adventures such as re-uniting or forming a new band together, which is low-kei historical given the sad state of VK overall, so…

what would the girlies of jrockone see as the most desirable outcome for the situation? let’s gather together henniz and let our voices be heard…

  • PIERROT reunion ditching Aiji, keeping up with the VK trends of late
  • PIERROT reunion feat. Aiji
  • PIERROT reunion, sub. Aiji, add Karyu (skinny!!!)
  • PIERROT reunion, sub. Aiji, add any vacant『SINNERS』roadie
  • PIERROT reunion in their debut line-up, add any vacany miyavi roadie to fill in the vocals, call them TORREIP.

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