[April Fools] Danchou (NoGod) joins idol group OMNI666?!

it has been announced that 38 year old 濱守康太郎 (Hamamori Kotaro (Danchou from NoGod)) has suddenly joined idol group OMNI666 (?!) on 3/31?! This is a historical feat for idol groups, which normally feature pretty young guys or girls…let’s see how Danchou-sama changes the game!!!


Forgot to update this because I was so distraught but Danchou has been dismissed from the band due to complaints from the female members, as they were quoted as saying, “I don’t like having an ojisan as a member” and “It’s physiologically painful”.

As much as I sympathize with these strong women keeping another male from taking their spaces, at the same time I feel for Danchou-sama and I hope that ojisan idols are given a better chance at this difficult industry :pray: :star: