ARMADEA 1st mini-album, "Source of Malicious Intent" release

ARMADEA 1st mini-album, “Source of Malicious Intent” will be released at their live on 4/24. (live-limited, 3000 yen)

01 The VII deadly sins
02 Born To Be Malice
03 Awake-glows the existance-
04 シリアルキラー
05 昏睡
06 煉獄
07 Fxxking rumor,Die For Me
08 RENATUS (CD only)*
*indicates that this may be available digitally as well

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Yay, was waiting for them to announce a release, really hope it will be available digitally.

respect for doing a Mini Album with 8 tracks
some other bands would surely have called it already a full album.

They’ve yet to play a song I don’t like. I am so excited for this.

I personally liked their few songs from the youtube channel, I hope this mini album is as promising.

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Impressive sound