ARTiCLEAR live-limited best album, "MEMBER SELECT BEST ALBUM + 1" release + live activity pause

ARTiCLEAR live-limited best album, “MEMBER SELECT BEST ALBUM + 1” will be distributed at random from 5 types to those who purchase S (9500 yen) or A tickets (5000 yen) to their 4th anniversary oneman live, “Dear All “You”” on 3/5 at Shibuya Deseo. Each edition will feature 10 tracks selected by each member, plus an exclusive SE track used only at lives.

btw new lyric video has also been posted


imagine they would let you just buy a physical album for once :melting_face:

Hopefully they put it up for mail order later

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it seems they will go on hiatus/disband ? after that live …

I feel like nega will either comeback fulltime or at least do a summer tour.


Oh no…

it looks like it’s only a temporary pause of live activities due to Gt.Makoto being promoted at his job and therefore makes participation in the band difficult. He considered leaving at first but the band couldn’t continue activities without him so he decided to take a pause in performing instead.


I guess that’s not so bad. Also, I like how they’re transparent about it, haha.

Hopefully it won’t hinder their once-a-year release schedule too much. :sweat_smile:

Suffering From Success


These guys don’t seem to play live much and it seems like a side-SIDE project for the members’ real jobs (they all have mostly respectable haircuts now?) so hope its not a big change/loss for them