Artist(s)/Band(s) that you would love to get into, but it just won’t click?

I think I will die happily if somebody tell me why the gazette has so many fans…

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They were doing something different and experimental for the time and they have some pretty big personalities and Ruki is a force. That being said even the best of bands can get stale if they’re around long enough and don’t evolve. GazettE are basically at Diru or L’Arc levels at this point in my opinion. They haven’t released anything in forever and don’t need to until they’re looking for a cash grab. I stopped caring about them after Dim so…13 years ago lol I really liked DOGMA though. Might give MASS a shot and go down nostalgia lane.

The Madna. I love their images and general aesthetic but their music is just a total bore for me. :frowning:


Matenrou Opera. I saw them live at my local convention, and I didn’t think they were bad or anything, but they’re one of the few bands I’ve seen live where I had no interest whatsoever in listening to more of their music afterwards.

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for me it is Jiluka.
I respect them, but I have a hard time in getting further into their music then last faith.
I don’t like their way of mastering the tracks, it sounds extremely flat and makes it lose all its power.

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In early & late 2019, I tweeted Ao in English after the concerts ended with photos of the merch I bought (and my gaijin passport) and ticket stubs and he replied me in English thanking me for supporting them so ya, they don’t dislike overseas fans :rofl:

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Of course, who will hate gaijin who give them money :upside_down_face:

The main one that comes to mind has to be Plastic Tree. I don’t know why, I’ve tried listening to some of their songs, and I liked Sink, but I can’t really get into them for some reason. Another band is Kiryu. For me, it’s hard to find a place to start, because it seems like they’ve released so much and a lot of it ends up sounding the same. I don’t think I’ve heard a B.P. Records band that I’ve liked. The Piass is the same situation, I just don’t know where to start. And sadly I can’t really get into many 80’s Visual Kei or proto-kei bands, I only seem to really listen to X Japan, Color, Aion, and Buck Tick, and that’s about it. Not really interested in Dead End or D’erlanger, and I’ve tried getting into Boøwy, but I’ve only seemed to like the song Bad Feeling.

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Try Gilles de Rais (not the gothic one) they’re pretty accessible proto-Kei.

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There are some bands and artists I know I would like but if they have weird or confusing releases I usually end up overlooking them because I’m so tired haha. SUI is specifically one that comes to mind but the the last few years have been better so I started picking up those releases. Otherwise I just wait and see if something comes up cheap second hand because it’s too much effort to figure out some of their releases.

Musically gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy and by extension merry go round are two bands I can’t get into and it’s just something to do with the singer. They’re not bad singers by any means but they’re just kinda boring? It’s a little bit like AIN’s short lived band Jiga, same deal, something about the singer is just boring? Maybe they’re a better live singer? I’ve been to live shows with great singersbut boring CDs and maybe it’s just the studio/recording/mixing that is just doing something to their vocal tracks that make them feel so dull?

Another band is Xaa-Xaa, they’ve had a few songs that I really liked but the rest of their catalog just doesn’t do it for me.

I like their music it’s like the perfect middle for me and it’s not heavy. They experimented a lot with the saund too so we can find a period that we like?
Probably the managers? Their looks?
And for 20 years to not be at least a little popular it’s a little sad…
Now I’m thinking about it and my little brain is steaming :melting_face:


You can clearly hear that Noah is the composer. Yet, Avanchick was so clean and nice to listen to. Unfortunately, since Nameless is a child of Avanchick and Nazare, it just sounds like a mess to me.