ARYU(ex.MORRIGAN) solo project “THE DEVIL INSIDE” new digital single “AGEHA.” release

ARYU(ex.MORRIGAN) solo project “THE DEVIL INSIDE” 1st digital single “AGEHA.” will be released at 2023/01/24.



About time. I was worried that band would kill this project.

AGEHA. preview sounds just like MORRIGAN :heartpulse:

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THE DEVIL INSIDE first live will be held at Shibuya Rex on 6/6

[lineup at 6/6]
Gt.Yuiha (ex.Mikansei Alice)
Gt.Daren (ex.Nokuto)
Ba.Abby (KNOW Men)
Dr.鴻志 (hiroshi) (ex.DIMLIM)

[other participating artists]

・錬撕 (rensei) (ex.Marblehead)

声帯.nimo! (Anonymous)
声帯.taira! (3470.mon)
鍵盤.taito! (ex.AYABIE)

Vo.masaya (ex.BLESSCODE)
Gt.GEN(ex.チャイルドプレイ (child prey))
Ba.夏朧 (natsuki) (ex.SHIVA)
Dr.リィク (lyiek) (ARMADEA)


This vocalist just needs to form a new band. He has so much potential.

Now youve got me interested to hear this!

Hi Hi , this lineup looks great !!

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Yeah, but like three things are missing. One is tall and blond, other have pig tails, and third one is missing left wing.
I’d love to see Aryu in some real project, and real band, not only selfies posting his new hair color and live performances of old songs once per few months. Morrigan was a great band, and he is often seen with Pitty. I still have the hope they all will play again together some day.


Aryu is in another band already, but how “real” it is you are free to decide for yourself as it goes into a very toned down style.

I know about Tokyo inferno, was one of the very first who saw the video. I follow Morigan for years and now Aryu and Scapegoat. And many others just to check on ex Morrigan members.
One video, no albums, singing Morrigan songs at live performances… This is not “Real”. For three years Morrigan have 16 albums and two dvd albums, and so many unofficial stuff, single comments, special editions, etc. He is making something now but it’s kinda excuse. His style now is more pop than anything, and this boy have potential and hell of a voice.
Not to mention Setsuna who is clearly born to play drums, Pitty, insane guitarist, and Kuloe who is playing that Warwick Corvette 6 strings like it’s a damn toy. Even most professional bass guitarists hardly dare play 6 strings, and this shit is expensive, trust me.

So, I hope for better because for all the years at Moeru, Xibalba and Morrigan I’ve seen insane great stuff from Aryu, he can work his pretty ass a little bit more and put many long years famous dudes in his pocket.

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