It seems like AURORIZE will restart they’re activities. Therefore they already changed their logo on twitter.

There will be more infos tomorrow: 2023.10.1(SUN)20:00

AURORIZE twitter

I’m curious what we can expect and which impact it will have on Yumishiros birthday event in October. Let’s see. ^^


AURORIZE updated their twitter account with an MV teaser and a schedule until the release of their new MV.


I hope the teaser image will show a new lineup, at least for me it seems to be possible.

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New look

New members:
Gt.颯音 (Hayato)

Turns out he is Leda’s kouhai!

Dr.Hyu-ga (ex-Avanchick)


Thanks for updating!
I happy there truly is a new lineup! I have high hope. XD
I was already wondering, if Hyu-ga and Hayato are completely new to the scene. Great work on the background info.

The scenery for their MV looks stunning.

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Thank you for the post, too :wink:

Here’s some extra info:
Back in Aiolin era, Hikarito and Reis did some sessions with Hyu-ga (Avanchick already disbanded at that time), and they got along quite well~
In fact, Hyu-ga can play not only the drum but also the piano. Hope we get to hear some beautiful piano duets played by Yumishiro-san and Hyu-ga in the future hhh

As for Hayato, he was the support guitarist for one of AURORIZE’s lives.
(This is the other account of Hayato. He had been using this account before joining AURORIZE. Seems that he still does XD )

Looking forward to the full MV!

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They released another MV teaser today. Due to some issues, full MV will be released some other time.


They also announced a digital release! “CESTRAL” will be digitally released on October 12th!

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Damn, it’s sad they have to delay the MV. >___<
I was hoping to get to see and hear something great after work. XD

Bro :sob: they have a good drummer. I can’t believe he came back.

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Luckily they didn’t postpone the release for too long XD

Lyrics & music by KANATA YUMISHIRO
Arrangement by KANATA YUMISHIRO and Hayato
Artwork by SURUGA

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I’m glad either!
It’s beautiful and typical song for them. XD

cool song, probably his best since i don’t know, orpheus