AURORIZE to release new EP "LUNA ROJA"

AURORIZE will release their new EP “LUNA ROJA” on April 5th.
The EP will include

  1. 3 -month consecutive digital songs released in November and December last year and the one that will be released this month
  2. re-recorded song(s)
  3. unreleased new song(s)

6 tracks in total!

Based on the photo attached in the tweet, their new digital song for this month is likely to be “METEOR” (feat Cazqui)!

Full MV will be uploaded on January 25th at 20:00 (JST).


And based on the EP title, the re-recorded song may be “TINTA ROJA,” I guess? :thinking:

We’ll see :slight_smile:

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I’m curious which songs they chose to re-record.
And I expect a lot of Meteor. Don’t disappoint me guys! XD


“METEOR” MV offshot photos


I seriously like that violin-guitar part!
Meteor has a lot of great moments right from the beginning. Love it. ^^

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the production is a little bit lacking but it’s not terrible.

It’s definitely a brand new AURORIZE! The song is interestingly cool!
Love the violin-guitar part, too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The band has officially announced that “METEOR” will be included in their new EP btw.
Can’t wait to get my EP hhh

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As always Cazqui is aesthetic king.

It’s officially confirmed that “METEOR” is AURORIZE’s new digital song for January!
“METEOR” will be digitally released on January 30th on all digital platforms.

The cover is so beautiful!!!

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Ah, finally a song that sounds different from the formulaic stuff of Aiolin. Thanks, Cazqui*. I hope it won’t go back to business as usual after this one and they keep it fresh.

*he still looks like a lizard, tho


Not sure if anyone is interested, but here I am, sharing the following info:
AURORIZE has announced an audition in search for a new guitarist!

【Eligibility Requirements】

  1. Must be at least 18 years old
  2. Male
  3. Not having any music contracts

If you know anyone who lives in Japan, is fluent in Japanese, and is good at playing the guitar, share this info with him, please :pray:

For the details, please go to the following link:

  • The audition will be closed on March 31st.
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