BABYMETAL - The Other One

this album so far has been very bland for me

Bland is definitely a word.

I have been listening to this thinking the music’s good, I like listening to it… I even really enjoy Monochrome. However, I’m wondering why there’s literally no hint of what makes Babymetal special anywhere in this album.


This is my first attempt at following Babymetal and it was (so far) the least obnoxious. (maybe because it was devoid of any idol-like sounding tune, and more akin to later Ladybaby sound (minus the scream) which i enjoy.


The music is not bad. It sounds professional and slickly produced. The issue is it doesn’t innovate and is creatively somewhat stagnant unlike their early work where they tried to do something truly new. When their debut was released, the general reaction was “WTF?”, as it touched all the right buttons while subverting musical expectations. That certainly turned heads in the West.

When we see the name BABYMETAL, there’s an expectation that they’re going to do something weird, playful, and genre-defying. Most importantly, fun! The new material is none of those things. From the songs I’ve heard, it’s become generic radio-friendly pop-metal. This band’s entire concept was to draw outside the lines, stepping outside the comfort zone of what music is ‘supposed to’ sound like. And yeah, that’s just gone now. Bit disappointing.


So yeah, I think the singles were the weakest songs here. Except maybe Monochrome I really, really love that song. Literally every non-single track slaps so hard to me.

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