BAKI has left GASTUNK. GASTUNK plans to continue as a band

We would like to inform everyone who supports GASTUNK. Vocalist BAKI has decided to leave the band. GASTUNK will continue its activities with BABY, TATSU, and KEI. We hope that you will continue to support GASTUNK.

From GASTUNK to everyone

Thank you for always supporting us.
Although it was sudden, there was a request to withdraw from our vocalist BAKI.
This is BAKI’s decision, so please support BAKI in the future.

GASTUNK will continue its activities with BABY, TATSU, and KEI.

Due to this incident, we have decided to cancel 4 upcoming performances (including unreleased performances). We apologize for the inconvenience caused to the members of the band who planned it, everyone involved, everyone at the live house, and all the fans . I’m so sorry.

We were really looking forward to it, so it’s a pity.
I’m sorry that I couldn’t meet the expectations of everyone who has made an offer.

GASTUNK will continue to be GASTUNK.
I would be happy if you could support us in the future.

Thank you.



Information and a messages from the band is located there.

This is a weird one. GASTUNK without BAKI is hard to wrap my head around, but that’s what’s going to happen. And furthermore for some reason I was always under the impression that it was BABY that was holding the band up from reuniting over the years and now the band is going to continue without BAKI!? Anyway, I’m really curious to see who will be singing moving forward. I have a sneaking suspicion the guys will take on the singing duties as a trio, but I think they’re better off hiring a singer.


Oh wow this is going to be super weird

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Excuse me, gastunk without baki? That’s not gastunk…


This is crazy. I wonder what happened.

Wowwww, that’s a shocker! I’ve never been the most avid listener of the band, but even I can’t imagine GASTUNK without BAKI… will be interesting to see where this goes (then again, they don’t have anything to prove, they already had their ‘golden years’ a couple decades ago).

This is pretty crazy to me.
Only two months ago Baki and Gastunk were riding high after their two shows with Hyde.
Baki got himself a new outfit even and he hasn’t really had a new ‘look’ in the last 20 years.
And he was posting a lot afterwards on instagram and twitter clearly showing his excitement.

Let’s just hope it’s nothing more than creative differences.

But I can’t imagine the band with anybody else. They really ought to just retire the Gastunk name and just start with new a vocalist. Wipe the slate clean and all.

And I don’t think Baby was holding up the band - I think it was Pazz who has a small ramen restaurant for years now (千駄ヶ谷 GOTEN) and rarely drums anymore now that his other bands ZOA and Doom are somewhat in hibernation. As soon as Pazz officially left Gastunk, the band got Kei and pretty quickly started recording their last album afterwards.

As great as Baby and Tatsu are as musicians, they definitely should not be singing Gastunk songs.
Baby as he sounded in the late 80’s could have worked for some songs but now he’s full rasta with his solo music.


They announced today that their most recent drummer KEI has now been replaced by MOTOKATSU (ex- MAD CAPSULE MARKETS). They haven’t released anything since Baki left, and as far as I am aware have neither recorded nor performed live since he left so this is is interesting. Still wondering if they’re looking for a singer.

Seems like the split with KEI was amicable based on the news post and KEI’s reply to TATSU’s tweet about the new line up.

Edit: Just read the news post on the site. They ARE in the studio working on new songs.