Bandmember's ages

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Fujimoto Hiroki (Shaura, Juka), 1981
Miyoshi Seiji (Z), 1972
the two only I could clearly remember and tell you except other famous ones which we all know like Gackt, 1973.


Chisa and Shogo from ACME has got to be like 30 now. Men-men and Chamu from Codomo Dragon is like 35-ish. and Mana is forever Goddessy 19.


Akinori is confirmedly 34, he said so in his birthday tweet last year. Other members: Hazuki 38, Yusuke 39, Reo 43. I can’t for the life of me remember Asanao’s but I think he might’ve never said anything.

As for other bandmen, Hikarito from Aiolin is most probably 30. The other members are harder, certain comments made during the karaoke livestream suggest Reis to have been in his year in school, making him 29, and You and Seiya to have been a year under them, so 29 and 28 respectively, however other livestreams have suggested that Reis is a little bit younger.
Most commonly accepted fan information for meN-meN and Chamu of Codomo Dragon is that they’re 37, however 36 has been proposed. Hayato-shi’s supposed to be around that age too, Yume’s 28-30. Boogie from Jiluka is most probably 26, but 24-27 is reasonable, the other members are within a couple of years. Rio from Zero Hz is 28, making Teika younger than that.
I did some calculations and Ran from Poidol is probably 23. Going off the sibling dynamic and certain comments about Ran’s high school experience, I’ve always felt three years is the most probable age gap, putting Nana at 26.


The only one I remember offhand is DAISUKE from THE SOUND BEE HD, because he was born in '69 and he wrote a bunch of stuff about turning 50 not too long ago. He’s going to be 52 this October.

Actually, now that I think of it, I remember he’s the same age as SUGIZO.


Ray from DEVILOOF is 24, turning 25 in April. Kanta seems to be 25, he posted a picture of a medical chart on twitter where you can see his age.
Yumeto from DEXCORE said he’s under 25 in an Instalive.


I think Asanao is the only lynch. member whose age hasn’t been confirmed, but my guess would be either same age or slightly younger than Reo. So born in 77-79?
Ryuya from zigzag turned 24 last year, the band threw a birtday party for him on instagram and he mentioned his age in another live a while back.


Anchang (Sex Machineguns) is 50.
Kiba (Gargoyle) is 55.
She-Ja(Volcano, ex-Gargoyle, Animetal) is 54
D’erlanger: Kyo and Cipher both are 53(Kyo will turn 54 in two days), Seela is 56 and Tetsu is 51.
Akira Takasaki will turn 60 later this month :wink:


Miku (ex An Cafe) 1984
Kanon (ex An Cafe) ,1984
Teruki (ex An Cafe ),1980
Hiroto of Alice Nine ,1985
Shou of Alice Nine ,1981
SHIN ( ex ViViD , SEESAW), 1987

@kryr_16 from Zero [Hz], the band said Rio is the oldest member and ROY is the youngest member. But maybe you’re rigth and maybe Leo is the same age of them or he’s litte younger. He was in the same higschool of TEIKA.


Sisut from Gauzes is 42
He said his age inside an MC and its on their youtube channel

Otherwise Karin from Roman Kyuko, ex No God
He screenshoted his twitter profile once and uploaded a the screenshot, and i think he forgot or over saw that his age is showing
you can find the post ->here<-

TaxchiaN from EXDEATH, wacky toys is born 1992, he has it open on his twitter
but he is not really that classic VK guy, so i am not surprised he doesn’t mind people seeing his age

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Does anyone know DADAROMA’s members ages or UNiTE?

Where are you getting that from? Teika has always been described as the youngest and tallest member even back in their Londboy days. I do need to fix my original though because I remembered some stuff that put Teika somewhere around three years younger than Rio and one/two years younger than Leo

(Edit: sometimes I can’t math, given that there’s an extra band 1995 is Teika’s earliest possible and most probable birth year which is three years from 1992)

Chisa is either about 30 or a bit older. Shogo is about 36 if my memory isn’t playing games on me. :sweat_smile:

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They said this on their YouTube Chanel, but this videos are deleted.

Are you sure that’s what they said? Teika has been confirmed to be the youngest member for years.

The members of Pura always mentioned their age dynamics in interviews and stuff (Ryutaro said he thinks of Akira as a big brother figure, said that Tadashi is older than him, Kenken is the little [in more ways than one lol] brother of the group) without being specific so I dug around for their exact ages because I was curious:

Ryutaro Arimura is 47 (birthday is 1973.3.5)
Tadashi Hasegawa is 50 (birthday is 1970.11.16)
Akira Nakayama is 50 (birthday is 1971.1.16)
Kenken Satou is 43 (birthday is 1978.1.8)
It’s interesting to know that Akira and Tadashi have such close birthdays, I was always wondering which one of them was the eldest because they looked to be the same age :thinking: and they are! For most of the year, that is.

Of course, I gotta mention MM because I memorized their birthdates for my old MM fanpage. Mana-sama’s birthday iirc has been confirmed as


1969.3.16 so he’s 51

Kozi’s is on 1972.5.29 (so he’s 48) and Yu~ki’s is on 1971.8.8 (so he’s 49). Kami’s age is well known due to his passing (born on 1972.2.1… That’s today! He would be turning 49 if he was still with us)


I thought I had the link bookmarked but I guess I didn’t. Anyway, there was a japanese website that interview them and it said that Ryuya was 24, Kagemaru was 25 and Mikoto is unknown. This article was written in 2019 or early 2020 so Ryuya would be 25 and Kagemaru is 26. Somewhere there’s a post about someone in Mega HZ who got arrested cuz some ho he was sleeping with lied about her age.


I think I did the math in my head that Ryuya should be a 96’er and went with that, but I don’t have time right now to fact check myself to find the birthday-insta-live (I know I saw it on youtube but I have to go to work so I don’t have time to find it :tired_face:)
Also a funny addition that I remembered is that Asanao’s twitter says he’s born in 1986 but lmfao no.

I wanna know how old Mana and Közi is now. Probably pushing 60 Ossan right, since Yoshiki is like 55-56 now? And Kyo could be nearing 50 or mid 40? :thinking::thinking:

When I realize Hyde and Sugizo are in their 50s now, (52 & 51 respectively), that really put things into perspective.

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Yoshiatsu is 32-34