Bandmen who intimidate you

Inspiration has struck and I have another dumb, yet viable idea for a thread. Do you have an irrational fear or any bandmen?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Creature Creature lately and I’ve come to realize I’m somewhat afraid of Morrie. I love the guy’s music, but I would probably run if I came across him on a nighttime walk.


Never go to Brooklyn then, it’s his second home.

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That must have been the reason behind the general unease I felt last time I was there.

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reiya from xaaxaa…i feel like he has malevolent energy.


Soan Kunisaki :confounded::confounded:


OMG Haruhiko Ash!!! I always thought he’d just reach through the screen and eat me or something :sweat_smile: :disappointed: :persevere:


Sexx George’s cat.


I’ve said it before, but the singer from DOG inThe PWO’s dead, soulless eyes in this MV scare the hell out of me.

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I WAS intimidated by all of D’espairsRay when I saw their PV Born. Somehow I thought it would be scary to go to one of their concerts… I was a dumb 16 year old…

They became my favorites later as I realised this is all for show and most of the vk guys are as shy as I am. Years later I had a short conversation with Hizumi and he was so shy and charming.