Bands like Stance Punks

Hey all,

Hope you’re all well, I’ve been really into Stance Punks for some time, and started listening to some other stuff like MONGOL800 and Back Lift, which is also pretty great to be fair. I really want to listen to some other stuff like Stance Punks because they’re my favourite. I know that the band is pretty unique in their music, but maybe someone knows some good bands?

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Hey, @J-Punkers! Welcome to the community.

Well, I’m afraid I’m not an expert in such a genre, but I’m glad that you joined us because our community will have a wider range of music genres in J-Rock. :metal:

I know only some punk rock bands like NICOTINE though, but I’m just a casual listener anyway. Guess I should give those bands a try. :sunglasses:

Sorry for the late reply, hope you still get this message. Here are a few recommendations: