Bands you used to dislike but grew to love

When I was younger I was a big fan of the UNDER CODE bands mostly, but I couldn’t really appreciate or get into a lot of the older acts like LUNA SEA and the like. The only one I really cared to look into more was ROUAGE, and loved MALICE MIZER. Nowadays, I find myself exploring more and more the early 90s era stuff and enjoying it a lot.

Just in these past couple of years I find myself really into Laputa, Kuroyume and PIERROT.

Are there any bands you could say took longer to resonate with you or that you cared to explore later and found yourself enjoying?


sukekiyo took a while to click for me, and I wasnt able to get into early dimlim until rijin.

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for me its weird to say but versailles (philharmonic quintet) i used to loathe the way kamijo singed i saw the band very cool and his voice i thought sounded very annoying and weak and i based his imaged thought hse was more liek into scremaing but yeah i completely ignored versailles for a long while even if people said they better than the gazette. this was like 2015. but later down road i looked further in why they sound and imagery and why he sings way he does and lareine … yeah it changed my mind alot of versailles i personally love kamijo know even his preformance he did replacing the singer of malice mizer with the other members that band kamijo was excellent !!


I mostly just sleep on bands for years and shit, I don’t really hate a lot of bands but I used to be a Diru h8ter a while back. All of Diru that I heard back in the day were DSS and Uroboros and I just didn’t like those albums at all. That is until I was accidentally converted by my pal Cantavanda when he uploaded some upscaled Diru PVs. I was so in love with Yokan and Cage that I checked as much of their stuff as possible and ate my words. They rock. I just needed a friendly push towards their older stuff to change my mind :smiley: Weirdly enough I liked Sukekiyo at first listen though.


Almost all bands I love honestly lol.

Recently-ish, I started listening to a lot of Buck-Tick - at first it was just because since the beginning of 2020 I had started listening to music through streaming services more often, and sometimes my recommendation playlists would throw in a BT song because they have a lot of songs uploaded to streaming services unlike most jrock bands I enjoy. I wasn’t fond of BT before, just thought they were kind of overrated, but thanks to those streaming services now I’m… almost a fan? Maybe a fan?


I’m so glad you’ve been (almost) converted :innocent:

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Not bands but albums
honestly vk for me is a coinflip and judging a book by its cover
I’ve listened to enough to know where it’s going
But that’s just me
Although there are some albums I’ll never grow onto (Monster by girugamesh, I hate that random growling sound)