Beginner guitarist VK songs?

Hey, guys! I saw a thread a while back about VK songs that beginner guitarists could play/learn to. It’s been a few years, so send me some recommendations!

(playing for 1 year)
Ibanez GRX20Z tuned to E Standard
Marshall MG15R


Tune to drop D and hide with spread beaver - pink spider is a good easy song! First full song I learned as a wee lad.


I haven’t tried to cover too many VK songs, and I’m not that great at guitar (yet!), but I found Dir en grey’s Byou Shin (from MISSA) is pretty easy to pick up. Plus, it’s in E standard so no fiddling with the neck just yet.


I’ll give it a shot today, friend! Thank you!

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Byou Shin is great, I’ll try to play along to it too!

small update, I got my hands on a Boss Katana 100 mkii, so I’ll very easily be able to mess with emulating tones and effects as well!


I found a few other songs that were pretty easy to play by just listening and messing with the pentatonic scale.

  • Limit Break x Survivor by Kiyoshi Hikawa starts off on the major scale.
  • LOVE DEEPER by Yuiko Tsubokura is a minor pentatonic. I think. I gotta ask.
  • I was also able to cover the vocal melody in Ringo no Uta by Tokyo Jihen. This was hard mode haha.

try vanitas by DIMLIM


Do you know what tuning it’s in?

Drop G#

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I’m gonna keep this one in the back pocket for when I get a seven string and start messing with alternate tunings. Thanks!

P.S.: Do you know if the entire album is recorded in Drop G#?

I’m back with another one.

Now there’s two issues that I ran into with this tab that you might run into as well:

  • I don’t have a seven string (yet)
  • Song is tabbed a whole step up.

I think the notes are correct because it resembles the rhythm guitar melody. I talked to my teacher and he confirmed that for now I can just ignore the bottom string and play the rest of the melody on my six string. It won’t sound as heavy but it’s a start, and it’s not too hard to play the opening tbh.

But yeah this is a mental note to myself that when I acquire a seven string that I need to tune every string down a whole step and then play what is described and see if that works.