Best Android Music player?

Despite streaming being more popular, I am a weirdo that just gets the music files into my phone and listen offline like if it was 2009.

I currently use foobar2000 on my phone since the defeault music player is crap. It’s very serviceable but I was wondering if anyone has any other (free) choice. Since I am used to iTunes to keep my collection nice and tidy I was looking for something that visually nice and that let me keep my albums ordered by Artist alphabetical + album date

Has anyone any suggestions on this?


I use Musicolet which is probably the best free music player for android. It has no ads and plenty of customization options.


I use pi music player for my phone.


I’ve used Poweramp (w/ Pro) since 2012 and it’s still my favorite player. I know the v3 interface is on the main branch now and it looks pretty sleek imo.

I’ve heard BlackPlayer is a good alternative.

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When I used android I used Blackplayer and loved it. The paid version is worth it. These days in the apple ecosystem I just use their regular music app, kinda have to, and convert flac to alac since apple doesn’t support flac. Even with that burden I still don’t think I’d ever go back to Android. :thinking:

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I was excited to try musicolet the day before opening this thread as it looked live a very definitive solution but it didn’t click for me. I have given it a second try and the interface still does not convince me… But I was impressed by the options. My main issue is the menu being a bit too low on the screen and quite bloated and not very intuitive imo.

Thanks everyone! I will look into your other suggestions as well.

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Another vote for Black Player EX, it’s a one time purchase and then you have all the customization your heart desires.

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I use the FiiO app, I have a couple of FiiO devices so I just use their player. No real issue and they are active with feedbacks

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Poweramp is the best imo especially aesthetically as you can customize artist art as well as pretty much anything else. I used to use shuttle but with the android update it no longer allowed me to make playlists and poweramp was the only good replacement I could find.

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They changed the menu layout recently. I’m not the biggest fan of it either but I still like the customizability of the app.

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black player +1

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Blackplayer is the nicest and has tons of customization option

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Google play music.

Shuttle 2, S2 for short


I use AIMP on PC, it’s really cool.

Does anyone know of a good music player that also scrobbles?
Or of a better scrobbler than PanoScrobbler?
I used to use SimpleScrobbler in the past, since it had a proper cache function where I could save my scrobbles and manually scrobble them whenever I wanted.
I really, really miss that feature on Pano :confused: