Best JRock Instrumental Tracks

I thought, why not open up a “rival” thread towards the Best VK Instrumental Tracks thread

Show of your favorite original instrumental tracks.
And let me quote @NowhereGirl here

Note that this does not include karaoke, instrumental versions, or off-vocal versions of songs that usually have vocals.

Everyone who knows me will think i will start now with Nevrness, but let me start with abstracts

They had several original intrumental songs on their first album and ancient was my favorite one
To be fair, the song got re-recorded and did get lyrics on their second album. But it was like the first instrumental songs that got me hooked into listening to them quiet a lot.

Sure gotta add Bitokus Bass project Nevrness here too


First best two I can think of

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One of the only ones I know

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This thread is for general Japanese rock instrumental tracks, not Visual Kei.

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I’m still a JRock noob, but this is one of my favorite songs of 2022

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I thought of this one the moment I saw the thread.