Best VK frontman?

The Late atsushi sakurai was also great as a frontman. He set the framework for so many dark mysterious sexy types that came after


Yeah, Sakurai feels like The One for me in terms of all-around frontmen.

Kiyoharu also needs a mention too, given how much Kiyoharu at Home has been brought up in this topic.


Fukurou? To that end, i see the vo. of Xaa Xaa as the successor to Kagerou’s vibe, but i could see Yoshiatsu being that guy.

sorry, gotta be a fanboy here-


100% this :relieved:

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Yomi from NIGHTMARE used to be quite a good vocalist in his prime, but as far as frontmen go he’s gotta be one of the most entertaining of them, no? He seems to really engage with the crowd imo and he does it so well!


Kamijo from Versailles might be worth mentioning. (:

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Asagi has a great presence in calmer, more beautiful songs as well as heavier ones

good showmanship/frontmanship can also occur in a music video. Kamijo and Asagi both had great influence on their bands’ concepts, themes and presentation. Kamijo is also a captivating and charming live performer but I particularly love him in this video.

I do not listen to the follow up project and he is not the greatest singer but Yoshiatsu is a killer performer

Tsuzuku was a smiliar case imo

Lime is again very similar general direction wise but with much better vocals.

How could one not name Kaya here?


After all these years I have to say, like many others, that Kyo is a really iconic vocal. No one can take that away from him.

After seeing Dadaroma and fukuro live, I have to say that Yoshiatsu definitely gets a crowd going no matter the size. He knows exactly how to get people excited, and he makes sure to engage the crowd in a good way.
At shows where many of the fans were the same, he also made sure to recognize the new faces and make them feel welcomed.


Yomi is kinda mid but his brother… That dude doesn’t t hold back at all

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who is his brother

It’s not actually his brother It’s still Yomi but in their comedic side band Sendai Kamotsu, the vocalists stage name is Chiba and according to the lore is Yomi’s brother.

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Yep that’s right! That day Chiba tweeted and said it’s his birthday… With a big disclaimer that it’s not his brother’s :joy:

Sendai Kamotsu runs on the joke that Nightmare are their brothers :joy:


#1 gara defender here, he still does the ink thing :3


Chiba must’ve been so mad his brother was getting all the attention :joy:


I don’t think he comes to mind often, but since it’s the anniversary of his passing, Isshi of Kagrra. The direction the band took and the ethereal world they created was special.

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I’m agree with you for Isshi, he was really special and talented. A true stage presence as well.

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Me too, GARA is baddas frontman in that period

I would like to greet GACKT Malice Mizer’s era, TEMARI Ruvie’s era, RYO from Gullet 9GoatBlackOut Hollowgram, ISSHI from KAGRRA, DAISUKE KAGEROU’s era…also MUCC’s TATSURO