Best VK frontman?

We had a discussion in another thread about vk singers being good or not so good at singing and I think a lot of us agreed, that being a good singer is not the only quality needed.

They also need to be charasimatic entertainers and not everyone who sounds great in the studio can deliver at lives. That’s why i used “Frontman” instead of singer/vocalist in the title. (I know it’s not really gender neutral but you can of cause mention female vocalists as well).

So who do you think is the best, having the best combination of these qualities.


Yui Itsuki from Yousei Teikoku is an insane frontwoman. She may not be the best singer in the world, but the control she has on an crowd is completely unmatched.


Kyo, obviously.


Kyo of DEG without a doubt, a true showman! Often imitated, never equaled.


Only the best? then KYO GOD SUPREMACY

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Ok I see Kyo is an obvious choice. You are free to mention more than one frontmen.

I guess the success of deg speaks for itself when it comes to frontmen talent.


If this was reddit I would get downvoted into oblivion but Aki from Arlequin. Great singing, good showmanship and crowd work. I also think that Chiaki from DEZERT is pretty good.


I think Aki is great too. At this point he’s carring the band :sweat_smile:


For me, i would pick Batsu from Mamireta and Bue. Bro, he is crazy machine on stage.


He’s got some moves for sure

Kamijo has to be up there. I remember when he broke his feet on the European tour and he showed up the next day on our live, in a different country, on crutches and a gigantic golden boot and still delivered and awesome show. Respect!


That’s dedication for sure!

Yo-ka from Diaura! I love his voice so much


A fanboy side of me really wanted to say RUKI but i just remembered all of the cringe dances he does :frowning:

At least he’s awesome at hyping out the crowd, especially since DOGMA where he’s hyping up crowd at a much higher note than before.


As long as the audience like the dancibg it does not matter if it’s cringe. Have you seen Kyo dance? That’s also not his strong side.

Ruki is for sure a pretty good frontman. Would Gaze be everybodies darling if he was bad at his job? :grin:


I don’t care for that at all. All I need is the music and when it’s about this and the voice my answer for sure is 100 % yes!

I know it’s different and part of VK (and it’s why I didn’t even try to come up with an answer for the acutal question). I barely watch lives and I’ve never been to Japan so my experience is not that huge and due to the language barrier it’s not the same abroad anyway.
Even though I can at least mention that Takeru from SuG was pretty talkative during their tour in Europe in 2015 (and after a few sentences it also was pretty easy to understand him speaking English).
However I’m the one being in the back moving to the music the way I like or feel that moment so it doesn’t matter to me whether someone on stage can hype up a crowd by gestures or scream or whatever. I might be an exception with this, I don’t know, but that’s why I wouldn’t even know which name to throw in here.

Daisuke from Kagerou/the studs/Daisuke to kuro no injatachi was an absolutely incredible showman. He was always willing to go the extra mile for a truly incredible live performance.

Gara from Merry used to. From 2003 - 2012, Merry was wild, as were Gara’s ink soaked adventures in jazz/heavy rock.

Obv. Kyo. Like, thats the benchmark.


His dances crack me up LMAO he can’t dance but it is very entertaining to watch him try

Agreed 100% with Daisuke. So wish I got the chance to see him live because he seemed like he was an amazing performer


I always regret that I never got to see him. He sounds like he’s be incredible live.

I might ask how people feel about Yoshiatsu. When I saw them live, I felt he did a pretty good job of getting the crowd worked up and moving, but I’m not sure how he compares.