BlacK TeaR new single "紅蓮" release

BlacK TeaR just posted their new look.

Vocal: Caya

Guitar: 結城 咲(Youki Saki) (ex.縁_心(enishi_shin))

Bass: Mo∀-モア-

Drums: Karen (ex.朱(Suzaku))


5th single “紅蓮” will be released at 2021/07/07.

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CD jacket design: TERU (Versailles, Jupiter)

02.with you

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Brilliant lighting in this video!! I love the synth too it kinda makes the song although it’s already good

Hey, that’s a pretty cool song! I definitely enjoyed it, usually I struggle to pay attention to songs over 5 minutes.
I would agree that the synths are epic, especially the sounds from 2:28–2:41 and the lighting made the mining scenery more unique than others who’ve filmed at similar locations.
However the chorus lacks a little punch, and the vocalist’s voice is a little weak in the context of this particular song, though it improves towards the end.
Maybe I’ll change my opinion when I listen to it more.

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Black TeaR has joined CROW MUSIC on 11/26

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