BORIS announcing new single and starting their vk era apparently

They just released new artist photos:

(HD pictures here:

Alongside with a new song called “Reincarnation Rose”

It will be released as a single on November 17th:

Boris / Reincarnation Rose
初回生産限定CD 16ページブックレット仕様


  1. Reincarnation Rose 4:20
  2. You Will Know 19:38

Curious about the 20 min track. The new song sounds great and I love the direction they’re going!


Digging the song. Fun look too!

Finally after being best friends with a bunch of VK musicians they’re finally going for this look haha. People not realising Wata is the only member in the video and pics is pretty funny.


This look is hilarious, loving it. Wish they went full drone with this look, it’d be amazing.


Like… bees? BeeKei?

Not very keen on either the look or the song. The song sounds so overproduced, and just doesn’t fit the rocking music at all. Would sound so much better if it was a bit lo-fi and garage-y IMO.

If only the world were this perfect

starting? Boris has always been vkei…

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Jesus Christ why Boris? You guys are legends. Why on Earth this nonsense?

Nah, this is great. You can close your eyes if you need to and it’s still Boris.

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They’re just poking fun at visual kei. I don’t think they’re actually going to go visual kei after all this time.


If you’re talking about their look and not the song, here’s a promo pic for their actual look for the single. Only Wata is in the MV the rest are other musicians. Quite a few people thinking they’ve actually gone full on vk haha.

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Apparently Boris have just released a new track and it’s quite interesting to say the least

From Twitter:

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