Boris new album "W" release

Boris have announced that they will be releasing their new album “W” on 2022/01/21

According to the Sacred Bones official website, the album begins with the same melody as on “Interlude” (last track on their previous album) and basically works as a follow-up to “NO” which both of these albums merge to create “NOW” - a full work on which each album compliments the other.

“W” is also supposed to merge sounds ranging from noise to new wave and include some sludgy riffs.

Oh, and Wata does all of the vocals. :hushed:

Tracklist including lengths:

  1. I Want to Go to the Side Where You Can Touch… (5:24)
  2. Icelina (5:18)
  3. Drowning by Numbers (4:16)
  4. Invitation (2:56)
  5. The Fallen (4:30)
  6. Beyond Good and Evil (3:51)
  7. Old Projector (4:38)
  8. You Will Know (Ohayo Version) (9:20)
  9. Jozan (1:25)

Preorders for the international release start on January 22nd and are available on the website linked above.


For those interested, Boris have released a Christmas single titled “Noël” on their bandcamp on December 10. This includes a string rework of their track “Pardon?” and a cover of Wham!'s “Last Christmas”.

They also revealed that the Japanese version CD of their upcoming album “W” will include bonus track “ひとりごと -Soliloquy-” [6:19]

Pre-orders start on December 24, 10 pm (JST)

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For people interested in vinyl. Kinda leaning on the rough trade coke green w/ splatter variant myself:

Sacred Bones:

Rough Trade:

Newbury Comics:



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Not related to this album specifically, but Boris is having a deadstock sale on fan club variants of their recent vinyl reissues.

You’ll need an account to be able to buy them but it’s free to sign up.

@zeus - Now’s your chance to get that Flood variant at cost.

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I don’t need it…I don’t need it…I need it.

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Guys…these vinyls sold out in minutes. I was there at 8:00PM. One of the pressings I was going for was gone by 8:02PM. I put in my order by 8:05PM. It’s 8:12PM and all the good stuff is gone. Holy crap.

Boris fans are RABID. Didn’t help that these were leftover copies so there probably weren’t a lot of them up for sale.

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