Buck Tick ballads

I create this topic cause I don’t know where to ask.

I am fan of Buck Tick mesmerizing ballads (Dress, Cosmos, Sakura, Misshitsu), and I am looking forward to other songs like these. Any suggestions ? :slight_smile:


Romance? Thats a ballad(y) one :slight_smile:


Besides the already mentioned Dress and Misshitsu, I think these might be my favorites:

  • KISS ME GOOD-BYE (from the Aku no hana album, 1990)
  • tight rope (from the COSMOS album, 1996)
  • Long Distance Call (from the Kyokutou I LOVE YOU album, 2002)
  • Snow white (from the Tenshi no Revolver album, 2007)
  • Kogoeru (from the MOONLIGHT ESCAPE single / ABRACADABRA album, 2020)

Not sure if these are “ballads” but I went through my "favorite BT songs (so far) " list and tried to pick the ballad-y ones. ( The top ones are likely to be… more ballad-y. ) Some of which @Jigsaw has already mentioned soo :

  • COSMOS (so beautiful)
  • Getsusekai (idk if I spelt correctly)
  • Sapphire (we all have weird takes)
  • Gensou no Hana
  • Sakura
  • Muma - the Nightmare
  • Megami
  • Yuwaku

late edit: Kagerou was playing in my brain today so umm it’s a ballad isn’t it? Add Kagerou to that list if so.

What’s the definition of “ballad” anyway? Love me is a fun-ish song but isn’t it a bit too upbeat to be a ballad? I thought of recommending Misty Blue too but wasn’t sure if it would be a ballad either but agreed, +1 for sure.

Just gave 螺旋虫 a listen thanks to @Ophelia so +1 . Hadn’t paid any attention to this song while listening to SSL but it’s so good. Speaking of SSL - Sasayaki if it’s a ballad is a great one


Unpopular take, but my favorite ballad of theirs is Pleasure Land from the Aku no Hana album. From the same album, i would also check Misty Blue and Love me. Sabbat is not a ballad but it is
my favorite song ever so I always recommend it.
From Sexy Stream Liner, i would recommend
Tightrope from Cosmos.
Also give Gessekai a listen!


Hi, I returned because I have been listening to my buck tick playlist recently and i have 2 more songs to add.
“Brilliant” It is totally a ballad
“Solaris” not totally a ballad bit quite mellow nevertheless