Buying tickets to concerts in Japan (and where to visit)?

I may be plotting a trip to Japan now that it’s open again, but I’m not very familiar with the various ways ticket sales work and how much is possible for overseas visitors that haven’t landed yet, so I’m hoping someone can share their knowledge here!

Also maybe we could compile a list of cool spots to visit, like record shops, specific bars or cafes that fit the vibe or are owned by bandomen, etc.

First check if you can make a ticket reservation via the band themselves. usally this is ticket B or C. then you pay at the door.

C can be also door ticket. Usually gigs aren’t sold out. but those tickets are about 500yen more expensive.

some venues also sell tickets at some hours in advance, usually this is a A ticket.

i never bought eplus tickets or online tickets myself, I always could ask a Japanese friend to do so.
Even if its scary but sometimes fans of a band also like to help you with getting a ticket. Just be careful saying whos your fav member etc.:blush:

But there are also online proxies to buy tickets, only thing is, you need to pray to receive your tickets on time, unless you can pick them up somewhere when arriving in Japan.
(hope someone can suggest a good site)

But if a band is kind enough and loves you to be there, they might help you to get a ticket at the door.

usually I choose band reservation or door tickets. Even if you cannot go, you don’t have to pay even if you made a band reservation.

whenever you bought a ticket online or you get one at the door. You always have to say for which band you came. And you can only choose ONE.

whenever you have a guest pass.
If there is a drink fee, you still need to pay for the door drink price. this is usually 600yen.

If you go to Tokyo check out KENZI’s bar. his drink and table sytem are easy and not overpriced.

Also if you love to eat Steak go here
they might have English speaking staff around. And they are forgeiners friendly.
And they also promote some bands with flyers and such. :blush:

Tickets are usually bought through ticketing sites like eplus, livepocket, tiget, etc. but you need a Japanese phone number to create an account, so overseas travelers usually can’t access them. Proxies are probably your best bet. I think there’s a few of them that specialize in concert tickets, so that’s worth looking into. They can buy you tickets in advance, but they do come with their own additional fees. Better yet, if you have friends here, you can ask them to buy a ticket for you and then reimburse them when you get here. Most sites let people buy about 4 tickets (bands may also change this though. Some bands only allow one ticket per customer).

As mentioned above though, you can also try to buy same day tickets. Most VK shows don’t sell out unless it’s a super popular band like Kizu. Same day tickets are usually 500-1000 yen higher in price than advanced tickets though and you have to enter the venue last after everyone with a numbered ticket has been called. Band reservations are rare these days unless it’s a super small band or a super small event. You’ll have to check the flyers on Twitter for an event to see if band reservations are accepted. Honestly twitter will be your best friend for being up to date on same day availability or band reservations. So be sure to keep an eye out on the shows you want to attend if you decide to go that route.

I’m trying to go to Kiryu’s 15th anniversary show, which is a big deal but also Tokyo Garden Theater is biiiig and tix are quite pricey (10,000¥), so it hasn’t sold out, but the idea of waiting until I land to hit up a Lawson and pray it hasn’t sold out scares me.

Totally didn’t think of a proxy service, like a dingus :woman_facepalming:
Thanks for that!!! Probably the way I’ll end up going if I can afford the whole shebang

When is Kiryu’s 15th? If all else fails, I wouldn’t mind helping you out either.

The 15th! 15th on the 15th!!!

December 15th yes

That’s clever lol. But yeah, if you decide to come over and can’t find something that works for you, feel free to hit me up.

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