BYO (ex-SCREW) goes solo

鋲 (BYO) (ex-SCREW, KHRYST+) will begin solo activities and he will perform on 12/28 at Shinjuku Blaze.

[support members]
Guitar:唯依葉 (yuiha) (ex. 未完成アリス (Mikansei Alice), Tokyo Inferno)
Bass:瑠伊 (rui)(vistlip)
Drums: SHO (ex-Unsraw)
Manipulator:ジン (jin) (LI-17, ex. SCREW)


That’s quite the backing line up!

ABOUT TIME. I have been waiting for him to go solo for like 743884 years lolol :space_invader:

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His voice takes getting used to, haven’t heard SCREW just know him through KHRYST+.

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I would definitely recommend you give them a listen. SCREW was the band that got me into vk about a decade ago. A few song recommendations (Duality, Ancient Rain, Spiral of Mistrust, Brilliant)

Im surprised Jin isn’t supporting as a Dr. since he was the Dr. In SCREW but having a Manipulator sure sounds interesting. Im excited to see were this goes.


holy shit that line-up???

I don’t think I’ll ever get my hands on the last-live only khryst cd, but I hope he covers that stuff solo now.

This sounds promising. Nice line-up. Didn’t like Khryst+ but Screw were and still are one of my favourite VK bands. Looking fwd to hearing what this solo project sounds like.

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Making my way through the massive four disc best of atm.

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I don’t think I’ve ever listened to SCREW, but I liked Mikansei Alice a lot, so I’m glad to see some of the members popping up.




I have a feeling that he’s never going to release music, just perform live.