Călătorie-カラトリア- new album “SINGLE COLLECTION 1995〜2010” release

Călătorie-カラトリア- will have important announcement at 2021/04/11.

I add a song in case you don’t know the project.


1st full album “SINGLE COLLECTION 1995〜2010” will be released at 2021/04/12.
A new release has also been announced with a date yet to be decided.

2.罪に咲く華〜affection of cruelty〜
3.Psycho Neuropthy〜人格障害ノ僕ト精神障害ノ君〜
4.WALK〜through the life〜
6.the Bottom of Despair
8. [kˈəʊmə]
11. WoRLD’s eND〜アンドロイドは最後の恋の夢を見るか〜
12.琥珀の花-alius fabula-
13.Reminiscence of Rose


I knew this asswipe would compile all those singles together as a full album. This is the second time I’ve seen someone do this. I wish these bands would just release full albums instead of just dragging it out through 9000 consecutive singles or so for a year.

death stare at Crucifixion intensifies

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@suji Now that they are frozen in the fridge we cannot complain. At least they gave us a dozen songs before that :vampire:

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I’m wondering if it managed to sell the singles out in the first place?.. how is this necessary? why is she lying no one literally checked for her in 1995

The songs are inspired by the 90s and 00s, I guess the album title is for that.

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Will get this, when i have Money again. :pray:

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well not that albums are free, you know

New digital single “Althaea rosea” will be released at 2021/04/29.

Althaea rosea


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New digital single “Myosotis” will be released at 2021/05/16.

lmao gotta respect his hustle, really

New digital single “Hydrangea” will be released at 2021/06/06.

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A CD entitled “tres flores,” with the last three songs will be distributed.

More information here:

New digital single “Rubia argyi” will be released at 2022/02/20.


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