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Official Music Video
Hello everyone. I’m an American living in Osaka and currently playing with an all Japanese group. We just released our new music video and I’d love if this community checked it out. We play rock and pop so I really think this community would enjoy it! We play our first show on Sunday and from there will be playing all around the Kansai area. I hope in a year or two we make it big. And I hope you guys will support us even outside of Japan! I’m not sure if this forum has any sorts of rules against self-advertisement, but If so I’ll happily close this post. I’m trying to get some exposure over seas and this site looks like the kind of people I want to connect our music with. Please let me know what you think! Any sort of comments, sharing, or feedback would be so appreciated! We play our first live show in Osaka on Sunday.

Ps: We have more music on Spotify if you’d like to hear more.


This is good stuff mate! Greatly impressed.

Thank you! I’m really happy to hear you enjoyed it.

Also this is totally random but I just wanna emphasize I’m not here to dump this video and leave. I genuinely am looking forward to using this site for jrock discussion :slight_smile:

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That’s actually really cool. Sounds really nice and refreshing ^^

also it’s okay to post this on the forum, so no worries.
Feel free to share anything about your band like OHP, social media, bandmember info.

You even could post all the info in the news-section including the mv and like if you got any updates regarding the release, you could add a comment with more info to it, like how everyone does in the news-section (it will get better reach to members).



Thank you so much! I’ll try that.

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Nice drumming you got there! I digg :smiley:
Good luck on your up coming tour!

That was rad! Clean video, great song and great performance. Good luck with your first live and please feel free to post more stuff here!

Thank you so much! I’ll be happy to post more!

Great song and video! Welcome to the community!

Yes, self-promotions regarding Japanese music are welcome here. You can post it in the news section if there’s something new about your band coming up too.


Awesome! I’ll post everything on there.

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Very impressive!

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Good stuff man! This vibe fits Shibuya Cyclone or Shimokitazawa well! Hope to see you all in Tokyo sometime, will go check it

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I really hope we get to play in Tokyo!

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