cali≠gari new album "17" & new EP "冬の日" nationwide release

Sparkly cover~ :sparkles:

I also see we’ll get an album version of the B-side from the EP, nice (it can only be better than that weirdly mixed and muffled abomination that was hiding an otherwise pleasant song).

Oh man…between lynch. Plastic Tree, heidi. and this, I am going to be so broke. Can’t remember the last time so many of my favorite bands released something in the same month span!

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Does anyone know if they’ve ever announced the standard version of an album at one point, then the Deluxe later? Wondering if there’s gonna be another edition. If not, this’ll be the first post-reunion album that only comes in one edition.

Like, I won’t complain if I don’t have to spend $50+ to get this one, but it seems strange.

Tiizaa is up:

And here’s a live performance of 龍動輪舞曲:


The previews are hard to make heads or tails with. The new song is really nice though - some roll credits, drive into the sunset vibes.


Man, this sounds sweet!

nice previews, looking forward to get my copy :wink:

Once again I’m not listening to the previews, but I did check out the live song because it might get released as a promo single. If we’re going to get a PV ahead of the album, it’s probably going to be next week.

That or Happinet Whatever Inc. doesn’t have enough budget for a PV.

IIRC Galactic Railroad video dropped the same day as 16 - so maybe they’ll do that again? You might be onto something with the budget thing though, this could be a leaner release since it’s only coming in one edition

Love what I’m hearing so far, for the most part! The live performance of that new song sounds great too, can’t wait to hear the full album~ (I have a feeling I might enjoy it more than the last few)

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Meanwhile 2023 fc single has been mailed:

(A beach full of hamsters(???)) :rofl:
01 脱兎さん 豪
02 星めぐりの歌


I reeeaaally like those previews

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Just whyyyy