cali≠gari new single "そのまんま、KISS" and new EP "A.B.C (Adult Boys Cabaret)" release

cali≠gari has announced that they will release a new EP in mid-July. No further details have been revealed at this point, other than they will also hold 4 live performances (two in Tokyo and two in Osaka) under the title “Cabaret cali≠gari” in the second half of July. The concept of the shows will be “adult cali≠gari” and the songs will be arranged as such (I’m guessing that means it might be jazzy? they did stuff like that before).

edit: The EP has been postponed to September, and a single will be released in July instead:



okay sakurai-sama you can just hold onto my credit card info, probably.

Also if it sounds like this, I’m going to be so jazzed:


Love that artist photo seems taken behind the scenes


For “Cabaret cali≠gari” shows, there are special seats whereby you can choose which member to be near to and focus your gaze for 15k yen (as opposed to 6500yen for normal tickets which are further from the stage and shows them you are not a TRUE fan!).

Got a feeling these EP songs will never surface on a DVD, just like “ある職業病への見解と、それに伴う不条理な事象とか” earlier.


Very excited. They keep on giving! Although I would love if they could work a little more on Hector and xa-vat

XA-VAT is dependent on Közi and he’s busy touring the country with seek and aie.


I come bearing some amusing details about the EP!

First of all, the title will be「A.B.C」(Adult Boys Cabaret), aaand it got postponed to September… :smiling_face_with_tear:

…but! In July the band will release a single instead, called “そのまんま、KISS” (Sono manma, KISS). It will be available to purchase at their 2022/07/19 “cabaret” live and onwards. I couldn’t find any info whether it will be released later in regular stores or not, but there will be an instore event at the end of the month for it.

Here’s the fabulous cover art and the tracklist:

  1. そのまんま、KISS (シングルver.) (Sono manma, KISS) (Single ver.)
  2. みんなの発狂 -ハードハミング篇- (Minna no hakkyou -Hard Humming version-)
  3. クソバカゴミゲロ -ハードハミング篇- (Kuso baka gomi gero -Hard Humming version-)

What’s hard humming you ask? Well, the guys shared a sneak peek of recording the B-sides featuring the endless talents of Mr. Sakurai, Till (LAB. THE BASEMENT) and Matenrou (MUNIMUNI). As you can see/hear, it will sure be something. :joy:


New single was available for a short time on littlehearts webshop,and will be available also at the 31 july event,as well as lives too

PS Title track is sweet with nice guitar but also with experimental electronic background
Track 2 totally crazy :joy:
Track 3 classic cali angura early ‘00 song


Revolutionary. Haado Hummingu-Kei. Love it!

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The new EP will be released in the following types:

  • Type-A: 2CD, live-limited, sold from 2022/09/11 (Shinjuku LOFT gig) onwards
  • Type-B: 1CD, regular store release, sold from early October
  • Type-C: 1CD, includes bonus live tracks, release date unknown


  1. A.B.C.
  2. 夜陰に乗じて
  3. そのまんま、KISS
  4. 誘蛾灯 -2018 Outtake-
  5. 東京ロゼヲモンド倶楽部 -2022 Brand-New-

The Type-A bonus disc contains a cover version of Mariko Takahashi’s song 桃色吐息 (Momoiro toiki).


Here are some samples, sounds pretty chaotic/jazzy~


Mmm that Yuugatou outtake :pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers:

It’s probably gonna be a bit before I (hopefully) snag this one off Mercari, but I’m looking forward to hearing it. It’s nice to hear them return to the 13/4 EP vibe for a moment.

In a hilarious move, the band uploaded an alternate version of the mini album on some digital platforms, to appeal to “busy people who want to listen to cali-gari on the go” (spoiler: it just means all the songs are edited to be shorter).

It does include 2 “commercial” skits and 2 bonus live tracks tho!

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They becoming obsessed with busy ver. Hahah
Just rememberer 3rd track of newest fc single that is a mix of past an recent fc and free dist. works (10 min length)
The title is so long I can’t remember but it contain “busy” too :joy:

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The 2 live tracks should be part of the ‘Type C’ package that is supposed to be released in end Sep/early Oct.

Type B is just the 5 songs plus a ticket to meet the band in person/online; maybe type B didn’t sell well and they quietly scrapped Type C, which I hope not!

Eh, I can’t rip the 8th song; any help? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Type C version of the mini album will be available digitally on 2022/12/25. They will also release it as a live-only CD-ROM that can be bought at their gigs from 2023/01/21.

(includes the full-version tracks of the mini album + full live audio from 2022/07/30)


I really want to hear that Mariko Takahashi cover.

The release of this EP has been such a needlessly long & difficult road.

I expected nothing less

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You basically need a season pass to stay in the loop with cali gari releases.


Isn’t that their fanclub fee?

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