Call me Meguru, nice to meet :)

Hello! I never know what to say in this section but I figured it might be weird to start chatting just like that.

Well I’m not technically new here, and I used to visit MH back in the day, but eventually got bored with Japanese music. Though it’s possible something may still re-kindle my interest. I used to like the less Visual bands, like Merry, MUCC and Girugamesh. Now if I ever listen to those it’s to explore past favorites. And I still have pictures I would like to draw.

I don’t believe I’ll be super active here but I thought I might meet some nice people to chat with :slight_smile: And maybe exchange some music favorites and post potential future Japan related art :grin:


Welcome and enjoy your stay

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Welcome!! We talk about all sorts of stuff on the discord, not just the more visual band, especially when we have turntable sessions, so please look into that as well!

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Hello and welcome to the forum.

Don’t worry about your preference for less visual bands, afterall it’s Jrockone not VKOne :wink:

I hope you can find others to chat with and find new music or re-find old one on here

And as @gilnyangi mentioned, we have a discord server too, if you want to check it out too.

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Thanks guys! And I’ll certainly check out the turntables :slightly_smiling_face:

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