Can someone translate this image from this tweet?

Can anyone translate this for me? Can’t copy paste :cry:.

Notice of member withdrawal


Bass.yoc will be leaving later this year. It was not that the relationship as a companion was broken, but that it became difficult to coordinate the schedule between TO DESTINATION and private, and the activities were limited.

Also due to the influence of COVID-19 and the schedule.

It is very regrettable that it is difficult for all four people to hold the final LIVE, but it was announced only in this sentence.

Please forgive me.

I’m really sorry to all the fans who support me

Full of possession

Finally, thank you very much for supporting yoc for a long time.

We hope that you will continue to support yoc and TO DESTINATION.


Next time whip out google lens and let it work its magic


Also worth noting that with the new iOS, you can copy text from images. So what I do is copy the text and then translate it with Google Translate!

I use Papago, which is originally for Korean, but it also has Japanese and Chinese, so I just screenshot and translate (and it seems to be more accurate than google’s machine translate)

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Just use LINE for PC to extract the text and DeepL to translate it :]

Thank you for all the tips homies!

You can also load image files into Google translate or take a picture of text and it translates it for you

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