Cazqui's Brutal Orchestra new MV "THE BUTTON EYES" release

Wasn’t sure where to put this so I thought I’d make them their own topic, they just released their first music video for their song called “THE BUTTON EYES”


Moved to the news category.

Groovy aesthetic fun!
Love the outfits and the direction Czq is heading his orchestra towards! :heart_eyes:

Orchestra crew
Vocal:架神 (pronunciation: Kagami) (DEXCORE)
Violin:弓代星空 (pronunciation: KANATA YUMISHIRO) (AURORIZE)

I always feel that Yumishiro-san may collaborate with Kagami someday. That day has finally come!
The music itself is just awesome beyond description!


Looks dope I’ll check it out.

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Watched it muted. Here’s hoping the next set of merch is more towards this aesthetic than the purple he Cazqui loves so much. The first shirt has a lot to be desired even for a death metal logo and the hoodie isn’t even an actual picture of one just a rendering and that’s sketchy af.

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I did’t know Yumishiro was in it too, altough I might could have seen it coming after he also did one of this CBO short clips, but I was seriouly surprised in the end. And I immediatly thought about our discussion about him and Kagami.
Here it is, I’m super excited. XD


If its worth noting for people, Daichi is ex-NCBL Daichi who left when Cazqui did after that money-skimming fiasco when the band was on IRIS&CRISIS. Idk if he’s still doing his thing with Re:tters? I don’t follow that closely.

That said, this was kind of exciting on first watch/listen. I need my headphones to tell better, but its towing the fine line of “cool” and “doing too much” for me as of now. I’ll probably listen again later.

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its towing the fine line of “cool” and “doing too much”

That’s how I feel about most things Cazqui’s done since NCBL tbh XD
His project Nekomanju had some cool tracks but they’re often needlessly complex and chaotic.
That said CBO has an album’s worth of material ready to go so I’m looking forward to their free live this month (mainly to see Kagami but… XD)


I know the money-skimming fiasco thing. Don’t know if other people do. The announcement back then didn’t mention exactly who were behind it, only referring to them as “A and B.” If I remember correctly, according to the announcement, they were people working in IRIS&CRISIS, not band members. I could be wrong though, and therefore I won’t make any judgments about the incident. I can only say that it’s definitely a pity that such a thing happened.

“Re:tters” is the name of Daichi’s EP. I suppose you mean his solo activity “Daichi by frostviscera,” right? If so, yes, his solo activity is still ongoing.

I always wear my earphones when listening to music. Not sure how the music sounds without earphones or headphones. I personally enjoy the coolness and tension of “THE BUTTON EYES” a lot! But again, that’s just my opinion. Different people have different tastes, so I understand if some don’t enjoy the song like others do.


Well, I couldn’t get a ticket to their free live so I guess the individual member’s/bands’ popularity made it a tempting show for a variety of people.

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It was so free so a LOT of people flock to those.
I also couldn’t get it. Idgaf about Cazqui but I wanted to see Zyean :sob:

That’s sad to hear, I would have love to know how that live was from one of you.
At least there’s the Mad Pit, where they also attend. Someone interested in it?
Sadly I’m back home already, so I’m out. T__T

I’m doing all of Mappi. My body is SORE this week.
My friend did get a ticket so I expect a full report of Cazqui’s live from her.


Oh, so we could have talked in Fukuoka! XD
I’m looking forward to that report. ^^

You were in Fukuoka too? Nice

I’ll try to get a report from her. Although be warned, she only has eyes for Zyean.


I eagerly wanted to see Dexcore, so I risced a trip to Fukuoka, although my flight back home was the next day from Tokyo. XD

Haha, I’m curious, for that report!

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I was able to go to the show as press, not sure how much I’m allowed to say but they filmed a music video with the fans immediately after the show for a new song called DEBRIS so I’m sure we’ll be seeing that in the near future.

Also we might see DEXCORE’s DVD before the end of the year.


Lucky! Is there any kind of NDA? A concert report would be great :relaxed:

Nah nothing like that but I will be posting a live report on JROCK NEWS.