CD GIVEAWAY *Read Description in Topic*

If you’re not on the JRO Discord (and you should be!), you may not be familiar with the story behind this giveaway. So long story short, like an idiot I accidentally bought not one, but six copies of NAZARE’s latest album BEFORE COMMON ERA. I’m keeping one for myself, which means that I have five to give away. If you want to enter the competition, just respond to this topic. I’ll close the topic at an undisclosed point in time and pick the winners randomly.

Here are the rules to this give away:

  • You must be okay with receiving a package from me.
  • You must live somewhere I can send a package to (most places will suffice).
  • Unless you explicitly say you aren’t participating, I’m assuming that responding to this topic means you are.



  1. Jenova
  2. Brengun
  3. Elazmus
  4. Manabu
  5. xxxx
  6. smiley_skeleton
  7. wakarimashita
  8. axius
  9. platy
  10. rekzer
  11. patientZERO
  12. JohnN
  13. Total_Saikou
  14. DistortedAlice
  15. lstknt3b
  16. koutetsuhime
  17. Enki
  18. Rize
  19. Masato
  20. crucifiction
  21. Ezra

I enjoyed that album so here I am owo

Sure :smiley: count me in

Count me in !! How exciting :smiley:

So long story short, like an TRUE VK fan I accidentally bought not one, but six copies of NAZARE’s latest album.


Great idea the giveaway, good luck to the ones entering it! (this comment doesn’t count as an entry)

I’d like to enter please!
I’d also like to know how 1 turned in to 6

A lot of weed and running everything through Google translate. Must have misclicked.


NEMOPHILA or BEFORE COMMON ERA? Surely not the latter, that’s…$327 not to mention shipping and everything else involved if you used a proxy for the aforementioned album. :scream:

Sorry forgot to specify it’s BEFORE COMMON ERA.

Rip your wallet, nice to see you paying it forward though.

The reality is I couldn’t cancel lmaoooo

Yeah, but I mean you could have sold them and made back majority of it.

Like a true patron of the VK art.


I thought about it, but what would I do with the extras if I couldn’t sell all of them?

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What a story you’ve got there @zeus! :joy:
So nice of you to organize a giveaway for it though, please count me in too! :blush:

Speak the truth, Issei spellbound you and made you buy several copies so that he could avoid LETS’s fate of being broke (but full of ESSENCE)

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Oh wow that must have been hard the most i spent in shipping costs is 100 dollars so i understand your pain. Im in I dont mind.

hello and thanks for accidentally purchasing too many copies of this


Aw man that sucks and rules at the same time!

Sign me up! I’m sorry for your wallet, though!