Chain×maiL members new band "ヤレナイ (Yarenai)" has formed

Chain×maiL members new band “ヤレナイ (Yarenai)” has formed

Vo.祈 (Inori) (ex-DOGMA–>スティグマ (Stigma)–>Chain×maiL)
Gt.253 (Chain×maiL)
Gt.竜哉 (Tatsuya) (ex-ALVAREZ–>XXXDOLL–>DOGMAS–>Chain×maiL)
Ba.莎夜 (Sayo) (ex-ZeroCre–>Chain×maiL)
Dr.ねも (Nemo) (ex-Re:Яays–>ペンデュラム (Pendulum))


Chainmail broke up…for this???

Did they officially break up? I thought they just renamed the band? So like, they’ll still play ChainxMail songs, but call themselves this now (idk though)

Anyway am I the only one who feels punch records is trying too hard to turn them into something more like Mamireta? It ain’t gonna happen, bees.

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I had have same thought when i have watched MV. But It’s looks more like they want second Batsu, i guess.

Well I like it, but I’ve liked pretty much everything I’ve heard from the vocalist’s bands since Dogma, I had been waiting for a new Chain×maiL release for a long time so hopefully now they might release something soon.