Changeless new single "R.A.M.E.N" release

Single was released today on the 8th September


About the Band:

Formed in Tokyo by AJ and Tommy in 2022. Their old friends Gabriel and Natsumi Joined after on. Finally, Kohey joined through the introduction of their friends. They basically do everything by themselves from composing to mix/mastering, under a concept of the band “Pursue their ideal heavy music”. Their sound influenced by Metalcore and New-school Hardcore after 2010 has massive impact, and their great skills absolutely boost it. Each member has various lifestyle, (for example, AJ is known as a great studio musician who have performed with so many big artists and writing songs for famous anime and idols. ) but they all have something in common. That’s tremendous love to heavy music. “Changeless” is the place to unleash their own love to heavy music.


Vocals - Tommy
Guitar - AJ (Ryuto Ajima, ex-Story of Hope)
Guitar - Gabriel Yoshida
Bass - Natsumi
Drums - Kohey (From the Abyss)