CHAQLA. first single "開眼盤" release

CHAQLA. will release their first single “開眼盤” on 2023/04/18 in two types: each edition will contain 3 tracks but there will only be 1 song that overlaps (the PV song), so 5 tracks in total between the versions.


  1. リーインカーネーション (REINCARNATION)
  2. ここはユートピア (Koko wa UTOPIA)
  3. ミスキャスト (MISCAST)


  1. 首魁の音 (Shukai no oto)
  2. PLAY BACK!!
  3. リーインカーネーション (REINCARNATION)

Here’s the PV as a reminder:


That’s good news on that front. They’ll more than likely be on iTunes eventually.

Just release an EP guys…still gonna check it out tho

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Reminds me of the gulux2 method.

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I maintain they have one of the freshest concepts from a band in quite some time. Love seeing a new interpretation of visual.


Pretty crazy it hasn’t been tried yet, but it hasn’t.

They gotta make their money somehow lol

Their cheki sell out constantly. They’re selling shirts too now. Gotta cop one or two. :eye:

They got cool designs i like their style.

Annie’s previous band RAKUGAKI also employed this weird method of maxi-single releases back in their beginnings (one title track and different B-sides across two types), so I guess he thought it’s profitable enough to bring it back again… :sweat_smile:

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The preview for ここはユートピア is up and it sounds pretty darn good!

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