I’ve recently started following the guy on Twitter and I’m kinda curious to know more about him but there doesn’t seem to be an actual profile of him anywhere? At least from the Google search I did… And I’m kinda lazy to read interviews. It’s actually pretty annoying to search because the results I get are always about someone else :roll_eyes: So I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find an organized background info. Or can give any? is a basic start I suppose.

Thanks. Though again, there’s pretty much nothing there but the list of his projects.

As far I know he’s married :thinking:

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How do you know? :joy:

yah I saw him around Tokyo station years ago when they had one of the street events with everyone selling diy stuff, he had his baby in a stroller and I think it’s common knowledge amongst fans now too. dude def was not hiding his look while out and about. : P


Ummm… well… I’m chop bands jouren, and we know each other, each other friends and fiancés… I’m not his fan, but I thought it is pretty basic info if even I heard it…

Hmm… okay :roll_eyes:

Charge is Charge wherever he goes​:full_moon_with_face: living his best life :smiley:

I actually didn’t ask about his private life

Blockquote I actually didn’t ask about his private life

This you?

Well, if you want something more specific, then you need to phrase questions the right way :slight_smile:


You’re right, I’m sorry. I meant I wanted to know stuff like where is he from, how old is he, how did he start performing, influences, band chronology etc. You get my drift? But I guess it may be easier if I just look up each band separately…

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All you’re mentioned actually IS his private life…


for influences: motley crue seems to be the biggest, see the stuff he does in Omega Dripp as that is his main passion project and what he generally mainly wants to do as an artist it seems. friends with guys in the band and they are all really cool guys in private too and all of them too basically always praise Motley Crue.

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Chargeeeeee’s a character, that’s for sure! :smiley: Can’t really add anything other than what was already mentioned, just that his YT channel is pretty fun. Lots of cool high-energy drumming and random shenanigans.


@Ghostpepper @Jigsaw Alrighty thanks!


And he sells his own Line stickers :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

True sigma male