Choke to release 3rd digital single Hack To the Basic

Its choke pulling another one hit wonder lol. Please support this amazing band. Buy and their single. They support international purchases for everyone. The planned release date is slated for spring of 2021.

Hack to the Basic is now on sale at official shops.

Price: ¥400

Official shop:

・Outside Japan/その他の国にお住まいの方


  1. Hack to the basic
  2. Stayhigh(ReTAKE) official shop limited【オフィシャルショップ限定】
  3. Hack to the basic-Instrumental-
  4. Stayhigh(ReTAKE)-Instrumental- official shop limited【オフィシャルショップ限定】

I also need to mention that the RELEASE date is not known yet. so even if you purchase now, you gotta wait until you receive.
The release is planned somewhere this spring… or something like that…

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Im currently still editing the topic. I forgot to write that im going back now. :slight_smile:

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