Any fans of Coaltar Of The Deepers here? Highly underrated band from Japan. They have a unique sound of blending shoegaze as well as other genres in their music. They have even done covers of songs by The Cure and My Bloody Valentine. Notably they have done shows with Boris and Swervedriver last year.


yes, they’re amazing. i heard evil line for the first time and was instantly hooked. have you listened to any sadesper record, narasaki’s side project? it’s just as good in my opinion


Love them a lot and had a huge phase with them last year, great band


I love them! The Visitor from Deepspace deserves recognition alongside the classic shoegaze albums.


I heard of it but I have not listen to the music yet. I will now tho thanks for recommending!

I think i first heard of them in 2020. Not sure how but I wanna say it most likely was a video that appeared in my youtube recommendations. My favorite album by them is probably “No Thank You.” Penguin EP is a close second because I like how they had heavy songs on it and just went mellow with the song Swimmers to end it.

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Newave is such a great album.

I love Yukari Telepath!!! it’s such a journey

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I need to give Newave another full listen, never really had that one on repeat. The other albums and EPs they released are all I really listened to

Anyone have COTD merch/physical music collections ?

One of those bands I meant to get around to and then forgot about…