Codomo dragon gossip and rumors

I would like to talk about Codomo dragon. it would be nice to know more about the guys.

(I apologize in advance, because I do not speak English well. so there will be a fucking bunch of errors.)

rumors, rumors, rumors))))

I don’t mind chewing the fat for all four, do you?

a little gossip will brighten up my evening

I don’t know Japanese, but it’s not so easy to find that in English. Chamu is certainly beautiful in that photo, but I would like something else. what are the guys in life?

What do you actually try to tell us?

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This post has certainly brightened up my evening, so thanks for that)))))))))))


Welcome to the forum?
Is this your introduction? if yes, that didnt belong to into the general discussion.
We do have a thread for rumors, if you like you could go and see if there is anything interesting for you.

Maybe one of the mods or admis will guide your way to the right threads.

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I changed your topic title since its very confusing and misleading the content of your post and I’ve moved it to news>rumors section to fit more to your description.

Please use a proper title next time.