Complete J-Rock / Visual Kei Vinyl list

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I am new to this forum. I am listening to J-Rock since 2000 and I recently started a J-Rock vinyl collection. There aren’t too many records because it was almost only CD. Now I am looking for a complete list of vinyl records and I thought we can create it here. This is what I got so far (the initial list was mostly from a topic at old Monochrome Heaven). If you have any addtions please add them to the following list.

B’z - B’z
B’z - Break Through
B’z - Epic Day
B’z - In The Life
B’z - New Love
B’z - Off The Lock
B’z - Risky
B’z - Run
Boris - 1985
Boris - Amplifier Worship ‎
Boris - Akuma No Uta ‎
Boris - Dear
Boris - Dronevil
Boris - Heavy Rocks
Boris - Live At Third Man Records
Boris - LΦVE & EVΦL
Boris - No
Boris - Noise
Boris - Pink
Boris - Präparat
Boris - Smile
Boris - The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked
Boris - The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked Extra
Boris - Vein (Drone Version)
Boris \ Joe Volk - Split LP
Boris with Endon - EROS
Boris with Merzbow - Gensho
Boris with Merzbow - Gensho Part 1
Boris with Merzbow - Gensho Part 2
Boris with Michio Kurihara - You Laughed Like A Water Mark
Buck-Tick - 惡の華 - Completeworks -
Buck-Tick - Abracadabra
Buck-Tick - Hurry Up Mode
Buck-Tick - Romanesque
Buck-Tick - Seventh Heaven
Buck-Tick - Sexual XXXX
Buck-Tick - Taboo
Dead End - Blue Vices
Dead End - Dead Line
Dead End - Ghost Of Romance
Dead End - Grave Of The Shadow
Dead End - I Want Your Love
Dead End - Junk
Dead End - Replica [首] / Worst Song
Dead End - Shámbara
Dead End - So Sweet So Lonely ‎
Dir en grey - 改-Kai-
Dir en grey - Dum Spiro Spero
Dir en grey - Gauze
Dir en grey - The World of Mercy
Dir en grey - Uroboros
Dir en grey - Vulgar
hide - 50% & 50%
hide - Hi-Ho/GOOD BYE
hide - Hide your face
hide - Ja Zoo
hide - Psyence
hide - Tune-Up Hide Remixes
hide with Spread Beaver - ever free
hide with Spread Beaver - HURRY GO ROUND
Kuroyume - Live at Shinjuku Loft
L’Arc-en-Ciel - Ectomorphed Works
L’Arc-en-Ciel - L’Arc-en-Ciel Live 2015 L’Arcasino
L’Arc-en-Ciel - Real
Luna Sea - A Will
Luna Sea - Eden
Luna Sea - Image
Luna Sea - Lunacy
Luna Sea - Luv
Luna Sea - Mother
Luna Sea - Shine
Luna Sea - Style
Malice Mizer - Sakai no chi to bara
Miyavi - Firebird
Moi Dix Mois - Dixanadu + Lamentful Miss
MUCC - Myakuhaku
MUCC ‎- Kowareta piano to living dead
Nookicky - Pinhole
Nookicky - Water Sinker
Onmyouza - Karyo Binga
Phobia - ~Re-mix~
Roger Taylor & Yoshiki - Foreign Sand
Rouage - Bible
Rouage - Children
Rouage - Mind
Rouage - Soup
Seikima II - Big Time Changes
Seikima II - End of the Century
Seikima II - From Hell With Love
Seikima II - The Outer Mission
Seikima II - Worst
Shazna - Gold Sun and Silver Moon
Sugizo - Europe / Lucifer
Sugizo - Lucifer
Sugizo - Missing
Sugizo - Replicant Lucifer
Sugizo - Replicant Prayer
Sugizo - Replicant Truth?
Sugizo - The Cage
Sugzio - Truth
Sugizo - 音
Sukekiyo - The Daemon’s Cutlery
The Yellow Monkey - The Yellow Monkey is Here New Best
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Casanova Snake
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Chicken Zombies
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Culture
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Cult Grass Stars
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Gear Blues
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - G.W.D.
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Get Up Lucy ‎
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Out Blues
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - is this High Time ?
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Rodeo Tandem Beat Specter
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Sabrina Heaven
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Sabrina no Heaven
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Smokin’ Billy
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - The Birdmen
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Vibe On!
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Wonder Style
X-Japan - オルガスム
X-Japan - 紅 / Endless Rain
X-Japan - Blue Blood
X-Japan - Dahlia
X-Japan - I’ll Kill You
X-Japan - Vanishing Vision
X-Japan - We are X OST
Zilch - BastardEyes
Zoobombs - Welcome back Zoobombs


Dir en grey - Vulgar (only 10 copies exist)
Also a vinyl of DEG’s single The World of Mercy was sold as a vinyl during the 2020 EU Tour.

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Thank you! Added it to the list.

I added every record I got so far in a collection list on Discogs:

Any other vinyl collectors out there? What do you have?

Another one!

Great! Added it to the list. Nice to see that the list is growing.